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This textbook will assist you to learn all the talents you would like to pass Level 3 and 4 Vehicle Maintenance and Repair courses from City and Guilds, IMI and BTEC, and is additionally ideal for higher-level ASE, AUR, and other qualifications.

Advanced Automobile Fault Diagnosis addresses the fundamentals of auto structures and components and describes the most current diagnostic methods used in the successful maintenance and repair of vehicles.

Diagnostics, or fault-finding, may be a vital part of the work of an automotive mechanic,
And as automotive systems become more complex, the need for permanent diagnostic skills becomes greater.

For students new the topic, this book will help to develop these skills, but also will assist experienced technicians in further improving their performance and maintaining with recent industry developments.

In full color and including samples of the newest technology, this is often the guide that no student enrolled in an automotive maintenance and repair course should be without.

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