MITSUBISHI – Full Guide of PHEV System
Advertisement An environment-friendly EV driving for everyday use, motor-based hybrid driving for long-range travel. A reliable power supply in case of emergencies. MITSUBISHI MOTORS has been developing electric vehicles (EVs) from early on to tackle environmental problems such as global …
Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Trouble Code
Advertisement Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Fault Codes List P1000 Electronic Voter Gear Module: Defective N15 / 5 p1228 is still unknown the code for the 1997 C 220 CDI knock control P1386 p1570 Intermittent failure to start the immobilizer module P1747 Electronic …
Nissan Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Advertisement Nissan Diagnostic Fault Codes List P0100 – Air flow Circuit Malfunction P0101 – Wrong indicator/airflow meter not adjusted P0102 – Low air mass meter reading P0103 – High air mass meter reading P0104 – Malfunction of the air mass …