Valve Selection Handbook | PDF
Advertisement A practical guide to valve selection, covering the fundamentals of valve construction and application and analyzing the different hazards and requirements of various industrial fluid flow situations. Peter Smith, R. W. Zappe Table of contents: Introduction Fundamentals of valves …
Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook | PDF
Advertisement The Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook-Airframe (FAA-H-8083-31) is one of a series of three handbooks for persons preparing for certification as an airframe or powerplant mechanic. It is intended that this handbook provides the basic information on principles, fundamentals, and …
Automotive Science and Mathematics – PDF
Advertisement Automotive Science and Mathematics Contents: 1 Arithmetic 2 Statistics – An introduction 3 Algebra and graphs 4 Geometry and trigonometry 5 Forces 6 Materials – Stress, strain, elasticity 7 Levers and moments, torque and gears 8 Work energy, power, …