A Vane Air flow (VAF) Sensor
Advertisement A vane air flow (VAF) sensor. Typical air vane sensor with the cover removed. The movable arm contacts a carbon resistance path as the vane opens.  Many air vane sensors also have contacts that close to supply voltage to …
Brake Pedal Pulsation Causes
Advertisement Vehicles will frequently come into your shop with a complaint of pedal pulsation. Oftentimes, the cause of the pedal pulsation is diagnosed as a warped rotor.  This diagnosis is wrong. The rotor rarely, if ever, warps. Pedal pulsation is …
Efficiency in transmissions
Advertisement The manual and automatic transmissions from Audi are highly efficient. Irrespective of design, they have all been optimized concerning internal friction and are notable for their wide gear-ratio spread. The term “transmission spacing” refers to the transmission’s gear-ratio range, …