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All about Cylinder Deactivation

Cylinder Deactivation, or CDA, is a technique in multi-cylinder engines. A combination of cylinders is systematically disabled, effectively reducing the… Read More

2 days ago


Aerial refuelling, or air-to-air refuelling (AAR), transfers fuel from a tanker to another aircraft (the “receiving” aeroplane) in mid-flight. These… Read More

3 weeks ago

Lead Acid vs. Lithium Car Battery: What’s the Difference?

Lead Acid Batteries Let’s first talk about the batteries that have been the go-to for over 150 years. Lead-acid batteries… Read More

1 month ago

Glow Plug Control Modules and How to test glow plugs

Glow plug control modules Glow plug control modules work hard to ensure your diesel car starts, but what else do… Read More

3 months ago

World War II Warplanes Starting and Sound Compilation

OLD World War II Warplanes Starting and Sound Compilation. This Video Contains old world war 2 Warplanes starting up and… Read More

4 months ago

Theory of Applied Robotics

Theory of Applied Robotics Contents: 1.Introduction    i. Kinematics2.Rotation Kinematics3.Orientation Kinematics4.Motion Kinematics5.Forward Kinematics6.Inverse Kinematics7.Angular Velocity8.Velocity Kinematics9.Numerical Methods in Kinematics   ii- Dynamics10.Acceleration… Read More

4 months ago

ECU Chip Tune | Ignition Timing | Increase Horsepower

How does ignition timing affect horsepower?How to increase horsepower through ignition timing. Should an engine advance or retard timing to… Read More

5 months ago

Electric Traction Motor Construction

A traction motor is an electric motor uses for the propulsion of an electric car. In addition, the modern electric… Read More

9 months ago

Gears and Gear Drives

Seeing how equips are framed and how they associate or’ mesh’ with one another is basic when designing equipment that… Read More

9 months ago