Common Faults in the 6-Speed DSG Transmission


DSG or the direct-shift gearbox comes as a semi-manual or fully automatic gearbox without a clutch pedal system.

A vehicle such as a car is responsible for controlling the speed and torque as per the terrain’s demand. In brands like Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen, and more, the DSG system eliminates the user’s need to control the gear system manually.

However, being such a charismatic mechanism in a vehicle, DSG transmission problems are not an exception. And below are some of the most common transmission issues-

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Common Faults in the 6-Speed DSG Transmission

How you might be bothered by an automatic gearbox or transmission, and Let’s learn what solutions can be.

DSG Transmission as fitted to the Audi TT 3.2 V6 Quattro, 4WD version

1. Quivering On Engine Start

People often assume that this is one of the DSG transmission problems.

In actually, however, it relates to the transmission area and not to the transmission in particular.

If you encounter trembling when the vehicle is idle, the dual mass flywheel may cause this.

You can locate the part between the transmission and the engine in which the two plates are working together to provide cushioning.

When the flywheel has been worn out, the cushioning becomes minimal or not at all, and you experience the trembling.

So, before you approach the transmission, make sure to have the flywheel checked.

It is most noticeable on gearshifts, and in this case, replacing the part is the ultimate solution.

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2. Mechatronic Failure

The state wherein the gear shift is limited is known as a mechatronic failure; in most cases, the gear remains the third.

However, the problem can be detected by looking at the dashboard and checking out the indicator. 

PRNDS lights can be useful for depicting a specific code.

After that, you need to get it checked using a diagnostic machine or contact a professional.

The code can be ‘clutch limits reached,’ which means there is a clutch’s fault.

Another code can be ‘adaptations’ that indicate you need an adaptation reset.

If the codes indicate any sensor or gear problems, it means that you need to repair the electro-hydraulic control unit that controls the gearbox.

If this is the case, it can be an expensive deal, and the repair companies are limited. If you lose the reverse entirely or partially, then it is an obvious indication that the mechatronic needs replacement.

Common Faults in the 6-Speed DSG Transmission

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3. Noisy Bearings

Sometimes, the DSG transmission’s mechanical components fail, and most of the time, it is the bearing wearing out.

You can notice an annoying sound while driving in this case.

This issue can be carried forward or left untreated for some time, but it should not be in the longer run.

You ought to replace a professional bearing or get a bearing kit yourself and do some DIY. The sooner you solve the issues, the less chance you will get off any further damage.

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These are some of the common DSG transmission problems that should be concerned with that when they occur.

In a complicated situation, replacing or repairing can be expensive; you should fix the issue; however, you can continue the experience of a comfortable journey.

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