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YITU Dragonfly Eye Intelligent Security System is built upon machine vision technology to operate an intelligent security system designed for safe cities, intelligent transportation, and smart finance.» is how the company describes their intelligent facial recognition software on their website. What makes it special is that the software already has hundreds of arrests under its belt.
Yitu’s Dragonfly Eye is a platform that has 1.8 billion photographs to work with and according to the chief executive and co-founder of Yitu.

Our machines can very easily recognize you among at least 2 billion people in a matter of seconds». These photographs come from all the people logged into the national database and from all those people who enter and exit China.
320 million of the photographs have come from ports, airports and the borders. Pictures of all the individuals are taken on entering and leaving the country.

Yitu claims that its platform is also in service with more than 20 provincial public security departments. It is also used as part of more than 150 municipal public security systems across the country.
Dragonfly Eye proved its worth on the very first day as it went into operation on the Shanghai Metro in January, a wanted man was identified as he entered the station the software alerted the policeman with his photo and location and he was able to successfully make the arrest.

The skull of a victim murdered 5 years ago was identified in Zhejiang province

The CEO of Yitu says that in cities like Shanghai, that has a population of 24 million, it impossible for the police to patrol all the streets without using technology.

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