Electronic Limited Slip Differential (eLSD)
Introducing electronics into any technology improves its accuracy. Electronic limited-slip differential (eLSD) It is just like a normal LSD having pressurized hydraulic clutches, Fine-tuned with electronics. An eLSD employs an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to provide sufficient torque to each …
How does a seatbelt work?
Seat belts are also known as safety belts which are designed to safeguard a passenger From getting seriously injured in the event of a collision. The basic idea is to prevent the Occupant from being thrown towards the windshield or …
Replacing the Bendix gear
The name Bendix gear strictly applies to the spiral drive mechanism of an inertia-type starter. However, the term is sometimes used for the pre-engaged starter mechanism. Drive-mechanism faults can occur in two ways. The starter can spin without engaging with …