The V6 Engine: Power Comparisons & Engine Basics

The V6 engine offers shoppers an alternative to the norm.  By combining the fuel efficiency expected of a Toyota with an extra helping of refined performance, the V6 engine serves up higher horsepower ratings, as well as a more thrilling and stirring driving experience. TOYOTA V6 ENGINES DELIVER MORE POWER In today’s automotive market, the four-cylinder is one of the most common engines on the road.  They can be less expensive to build than larger engines, and weigh less, which helps achieve better fuel economy. The four-cylinder is also highly fueled efficiently and generates horsepower output that’ll nicely serve the needs of most drivers. But the V6 engine offers more power, torque, and refinement. In many vehicles, a four-cylinder engine … Continue reading The V6 Engine: Power Comparisons & Engine Basics