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5 Reasons Startups Need a Virtual Data Room | Innovation Discoveries

Venture Capital Funding has reached a decade-high $155 billion in 2017. Projections show robust growth in startup investments in the succeeding years. The main goal of a startup is to raise funds quickly to keep the ball rolling. The information must be exchanged swiftly and concisely to maintain momentum in the funding process.

Virtual Data Rooms can provide a platform where startups can present and share data with potential stakeholders of the company. It is a secure portal that can store critical information and share it with people who matter.
Serious investors would want to perform due diligence. They would expect that the startup would have a VDR that can expedite the process.

It Saves Time

A startup’s secret weapon in fundraising is its licenses, intellectual property information, and financial statements. These are the first documents that an investor would want to examine. Keeping them all in a VDR will allow instant access by crucial people so they can already decide if the startup is qualified to proceed to the next step of funding.

It Provides Security

Those who have access to the VDR can discuss and review data on a safe space. In the course of due diligence, startups can confidently share sensitive data without critical information falling into the wrong hands.
Virtual Data Rooms have security features that prevent screenshots, printing, or copying of any part.

It Provides Transparency

Any investor would want to know the financial state of the business that he plans to invest in. They must always be up to date on any changes in the financial capacity and liabilities of the startup. Their main concern, understandably, is getting their money’s worth. Having a VDR gives investors peace of mind knowing that they can view and crunch numbers anytime.
It Effectively Facilitates Due Diligence Due diligence is the heart of funding success.

It Saves Money

Gone are the days when a startup founder needs to travel back and forth to provide the necessary documents or discuss the business with potential investors. Since transactions and discussions happen online, travel and logistical costs lessen.
There is also no need to print tons of documents. It saves money while reducing the carbon footprint, too.
In the world of startups, funding is the name of the game.

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