Complete Guide: Fastener Type Chart
Advertisement Fastener Categories Fastener Categories (Continued) Head Styles Drive Types Washer Types Nut Types Anchoring Products Wood Screws Wood screws have large threads for use in wood. Wood screws 1. Phillips flat head Important Note: Wood screws can be manufactured with …
All about Cylinder Deactivation
Advertisement Cylinder Deactivation, or CDA, is a technique in multi-cylinder engines. A combination of cylinders is systematically disabled, effectively reducing the engine’s displacement and improving overall engine efficiency and fuel economy. CDA does achieve by deactivating the intake and exhaust …
Learn About Engine Diagnostics
Advertisement How do engine diagnostics work? Since 1996, every vehicle that is built to be sold in the United States must have the OBD-II System. The OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) System is a device that detects problems in your engine. The …