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6 Interesting Facts About Mercedes-Benz

Here, we present 6 most interesting Mercedes Benz facts.

Mercedes Benz, a world-renowned automotive brand, is known for its cutting edge design and technology.
So let’s take a quick look at these Mercedes-Benz facts.

Fact #1

Mercedes-Benz’s factories have an employee-inspection ratio of 11: 1, so by the time a car gets final approval, it has received thousands of tests.

Fact #2

In a Mercedes-Benz body the average number of welds is no less than 10,000.
No wonder, owners rarely complain about a Mercedes-Benz rattling or groaning, as it ages up.

Fact #3

The structure of every Benz vehicle is based on an independent swing axle suspension system. The manufacturer used the same system on the company’s racing apparatus. This ensures firm road-holding.

Fact #4

Overhead camshafts are another specialty of Mercedes-Benz engines. So, the driver can speed up, without having to compromise safety.

Fact #5

Disc brakes in all wheels are a standard for all Mercedes-Benz models.
The front and rear brakes, therefore, activate separately, thus reducing the risks of brake failure.

Fact #6

A tiny built-in shock absorber is available in the steering system for Mercedes-Benz cars.
It saves your hand from shocks on the road. Mercedes-Benz apparently cares for the driver as well.

These provisions are what makes Mercedes Benz luxury cars the industry’s finest.

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