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Aircraft Weight and Balance Terminology – Empty Weight

The empty weight of an aircraft includes all operating equipment,
That has a fixed location and is installed in the aircraft.
It includes the weight of the airframe,
Powerplant required equipment, optional or special equipment,
Fixed ballast, hydraulic fluid, and residual fuel and oil.

Residual fuel and oil are the fluids that will not normally drain out,
Because they are trapped in the fuel lines, oil lines, and tanks. They must be included in the aircraft’s empty weight. For most aircraft certified after 1978,
The full capacity of the engine oil system is also included in the empty weight. Information regarding residual fluids in aircraft systems that must be included in the empty weight,
And whether full oil is included,
Will be indicated in the Aircraft Specifications or Type Certificate Data Sheet.

Other terms that are sometimes used when describing empty weight
Include basic empty weight,
Licensed empty weight, and standard empty weight.
The term “basic empty weight” typically applies,
When the full capacity of the engine oil system is included in the value.
The term “licensed empty weight” typically applies when only the weight of
Residual oil is included in the value,
So, it generally involves only aircraft certified before 1978. Standard empty weight would be a value supplied by the aircraft manufacturer,
And it would not include any optional equipment that might be installed in a particular aircraft. For most people working in the aviation maintenance field,
The basic empty weight of the aircraft is the most important one.

Empty Weight Center of Gravity

The empty weight center of gravity for an aircraft is the point at
Which it balances when it is in an empty weight condition. The concepts of empty weight and center of gravity were discussed earlier in this chapter,
And now they are being combined into a single concept.

One of the most important reasons for weighing an aircraft is to determine its empty weight center of gravity. All other weight and balance calculations,
Including loading the aircraft for flight,
Performing an equipment change calculation,
And performing an adverse condition check,
Begin with knowing the empty weight and empty weight center of gravity.
This crucial information is part of what is contained in the aircraft weight and
Balance report.

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