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Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook

Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Automotive Architectures
  • Vehicle Functional Domains and Their Requirements
  • Application of the AUTOSAR Standard
  • Intelligent Vehicle Technologies
  • Embedded Communications
  • A Review of Embedded Automotive Protocols
  • FlexRay Protocol
  • Dependable Automotive CANs
  • Embedded Software and Development Processes
  • Product Lines in Automotive Electronics
  • Reuse of Software in Automotive Electronics
  • Automotive Architecture Description Languages
  • Model-Based Development of Automotive Embedded Systems
  • Verification, Testing, and Timing Analysis
  • Testing Automotive Control Software
  • Testing and Monitoring of FlexRay-Based Applications
  • Timing Analysis of CAN-Based Automotive Communication Systems

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