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Average Cost of Four Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is a very important procedure that prevents the wheels and
Tires of your car from vibrating while spinning on the road. Getting a perfect balance calls for the checking of any heavy spots at the point where the wheels and tires combine. After identifying such spots, the mechanics can compensate for it by
Engaging a good-sized lead weight on the reverse end of the wheel having the heavy spot.

Your vehicle needs rebalancing every time you replace a new tire to its wheel. Even when you feel your car shaking through the steering wheel,
You have to rebalance the wheels immediately.
A wheel-balancing machine simply spins the wheel for about 10-15 seconds to determine;
If the wheel has the right balance as it rotates. As such, the mechanic can easily identify the right spots to place the weights,
Which guarantees an evenly rotating wheel on the road.

The average 4 wheel balancing cost ranges between $30 and $100 for all the four wheels of your car.
However, it can cost you approximately $10 to $15 per wheel as dictated by your vehicle’s make and
Model as well as the rates offered by your local labor.
It is worth noting that wheel-balancing services have slightly higher costs at car dealers compared to automotive repair shop or tire stores. For instance,
You can have your four wheels balanced at a shop for approximately $30 to $80 or an average of the cost of $14 per wheel. On the other hand,
Car dealers can charge you around $50 to $80 or averagely $56 for all the four wheels.

A thoroughly done wheel balancing takes account of tire mounting and tire rotation. Tire mounting is the process of placing the tire on the wheel while tire rotation involves changing the specific locations of individual tires on the vehicle. Doing this ensures that tires wear down evenly because front tires erode faster than rear tires and
Such a process can incur an average cost of approximately $3 to $12 per wheel. For instance, for the four wheels,
Several automotive repair shops charge an average of $40 for balancing, $20 for mounting and $12 for rotation. Alternatively, they charge an average of $48 for a complete tire installation package including wheel rotation,
Mounting, balancing and installing a new valve stem for the four wheels.

Occasionally, various tire repair shops as well as service centers run periodical promotional deals and provide discount coupons to car owners.
You should actively participate in the offers to help;
You save a significant amount of money for car repair.

It is advisable to stick to one or two repair shops to service your car as most of them
Usually, give special coupons periodically to their loyal customers.

Furthermore, some gas stations, tire stores, and auto repair shops promote
New customers by giving them discount coupons on sign up. You can use such offers to cut down the expenses on car maintenance including wheel balancing.

Anytime you experience an irregular vibration through your car’s steering wheel
Irrespective of the speed at which you are driving,
Wheel balancing will ensure everything comes back to normal.

Precisely, the unevenly balanced mass in the tire results in constant vibrations,
And transfers to the steering wheel through the suspension system. This sensation is known as steering shake.

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