What Causes On The Turbocharger Overheat?
Advertisement Causes of Overheating: Hot shut down. DPF issues, such as regeneration, resulting in increased exhaust gas pressure and temperatures which leads to overheating of the turbine side of the turbocharger. Remapping, chipping or over-fueling. What is Overheating? Overheating is …
Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Trouble Code
Advertisement Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Fault Codes List P1000 Electronic Voter Gear Module: Defective N15 / 5 p1228 is still unknown the code for the 1997 C 220 CDI knock control P1386 p1570 Intermittent failure to start the immobilizer module P1747 Electronic …
Nissan Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Advertisement Nissan Diagnostic Fault Codes List P0100 – Air flow Circuit Malfunction P0101 – Wrong indicator/airflow meter not adjusted P0102 – Low air mass meter reading P0103 – High air mass meter reading P0104 – Malfunction of the air mass …