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Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Trouble Code

Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Trouble Code

Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Fault Codes List

P1000 Electronic Voter Gear Module: Defective N15 / 5

p1228 is still unknown the code for the 1997 C 220 CDI knock control P1386

p1570 Intermittent failure to start the immobilizer module

P1747 Electronic Selector Gear Module: Defective CAN Interaction with Control Unit A1 (Instrumentation)

P1750 Electronic selector module: Very-low voltage supply control unit

P1832 Electronic Selector Gear Module: Short circuit in the N15 / 5 output stage circuit

P1910 Electronic selector module for transmissions: Overvoltage control unit

P1912 Electronic selector gear: Weak touch voltage button

P2000 NOx Trap Efficiency below the threshold (bank 1)

P2001 NOx Trap efficiency below the threshold (Bank 2)

P2003 particulate trap, efficiency below threshold (bank 1)

P2004 particulate trap, efficiency below threshold (bank 2)

P2031 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit (Bank 1 Sensor 2)

P2032 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Low (Bank 1 Sensor 2)

P2033 Exhaust Temperature Sensor Circuit High (Bank 1 Sensor 2)

P2080 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Range / Performance (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

P2081 Exhaust Temperature Sensor Circuit intermittent (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

P2100 Throttle Control Motor Circuit / Open

P2101 Throttle Control Motor Circuit Range / Performance

P2208 transmission: the speed of Y3 / 6n2 to Y3 / 6n3 is excessive

B1000 HRA Height of headlight: The supply voltage of the control unit is too low (Undervoltage)

B1004 LCP Lower control panel: the control unit does not match the type of vehicle

B1056 Climate: The problem is, communication with the DCM-RL control unit is possible

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B1201 Electric front seat left adjustment: Hall sensor front upper M27m3

B1213 If the seat of the installed memory: the ext has left the rear-view mirror of the voltage defective

B1214 If the seat of the installed memory: add rear right-hand voltage mirror faultily

B1226 in the car temperature sensor (B10 / 4)

B1227 Outside temperature sensor Temperature indicator (014)

B1128 heater core temperature (B10 / 1)

B1229 heater core temperature (B10 / 1)

B1230 Evaporator Temperature Sensor (B10 / 6)

B1231 Coolant Temperature Sensor (B11 / 4)

B1232 of the refrigerant pressure sensor (B12)

B1233 Refrigerant temperature sensor (B12 / 1)

B1234 Sun sensor (B32)

B1235 Emission Sensor (B31)

B1241 Refrigerant Fill

B1246 PTS Parktronic: A42b1 (left outer sensor, front bumper) the connector has poor contact or is unreliable or sensor or cable faults

B1310 Left / Window airbag sensor defective

B1315 Problem in front passenger seat child recognition

B1416 Coolant Circulating pump (M13)

B1417 Duovalve (Y21y1), on the left

B1418 Duovalve (Y21y2), right

B1419 Electromagnetic clutch (A9k1)

B1420 increase in idling speed

B1421 Pulse module (N05)

B1422 interface series (K1) connection to instrument cluster (A1)

B1423 Switching the valve block (Y11)

B1424 Activated carbon filler drive (A32m2) open

B1425 Activated Carbon Filler Drive (A32m2) Closed

B1432 Non-US DTCs

B1459 interface series (K2) connection to the instrument cluster (A1)

B1462 fully open throttle (WOT) position signal diesel engines

B1476 Airbag Malfunction Indicator and Malfunction Indicator Lamp

B1481 HRA: Part E2m1 (right-hand headlight range of the engine adjustment) has a short to ground

B1489 HRA: Part E2m1 (right-hand headlight motor adjustment range) has an open or short to positive

B1492 HRA: Part E1M1 (Left-hand adjustment range of the engine) has a short to positive

B1617 Part E19 / 1 (Left license plate light) defective

B1618 Part E19 / 2 (license plate illumination right) defective

B1628 Part E2e5 (turn signal lamps) in module E2 (right front headlamp unit) is not damaged.

B1703 Intermittant No start in AAM Module Immobilizer

B1729 PSE Pneumatic Door Lock System A37 Control Module

B1736 CD players Navigation systems: Check common CD, Check CD data block, fictitious CD data

B1768 Fault open data cover with limit switch (0025) Front flap

B1773 HRA: Zero programmable position has not yet been conducted or is not possible

B1850 Electrical adjustment of front right seat: CAN Communication failure with DCM

C1000 Traction control unit for the system

C1010 Low battery voltage

C1011 ASR / ETS / ESP open or short circuit

C1012 High battery voltage

C1020 CAN communication failure

C1021 connection possible with EA / CC / ISC control module Interrupted

C1024 Communication with the optional motor control module Interrupted

C1025 communication possible BAS communication with ESP control unit defective

C1100 Front Axle Left VSS Circuit Malfunction

C1101 Front Axle Right VSS Circuit Malfunction

C1102 ETS / ASR, ABS axis VSS ground circuit

C1103 Right rear axle VSS ground chain

AirMatic C1121: Component fault B24 / 3 (accelerated sensor)

AirMatic C1122: malfunction of component B24 / 4 (accelerating sensor)

C1123 AirMatic: malfunctions in component B24 / 6 (accelerated sensor)

AirMatic C1132: Component B22 / 8 malfunction (level sensor)

AirMatic C1133: component B22 / 9 fault (level sensor)

C1135 AirMatic : Component B22 / 3 malfunction (level sensor)

C1140 BAS light, play in the steering column causes the angle sensor to lose memory ()?

C1142 ABS lateral acceleration sensor / Short

AirMatic C1144: malfunction in component B7 (pressure sensor)

C1200 Brake Light Switch / Short Circuit / Implausible

C1300 Left Front Bridge Solenoid Valve (Hold) (A7 / 3y6) Open / Short-circuit

C1303 Front Axle Right Solenoid Valve (Hold) Open / Short-circuited

C1311 Solenoid Valve Switch (Release) Open / Short-circuit

C1312 Master Cylinder Switching Valve

C1401 Open circuit high-pressure pump pressure / short circuit; Does not turn off

C1501 SPS P-Valve

C1504 BAS light, play in the steering column causes the rotation angle sensor to lose memory (?)

C1512 Brake overheating

C1600 temperature after engine shutdown

U0001 High-Speed ​​Communication CAN

U0002 high-speed CAN Communication bus Performance

U0003 high-speed CAN Communication Bus (+) is open

U0004 high-speed CAN Communication Bus (+) low

U0005 high-speed CAN Communication Bus (+) high

U0006 high-speed CAN Communication bus (-) open

U0007 high-speed CAN Communication bus (-) low

U0008 high-speed CAN Communication bus (-) high

u0009 high-speed CAN Communication bus (-) closed on bus (+)

U0010 medium speed CAN Communication bus

U0011 medium speed CAN Communication bus Performance

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U0012 medium speed CAN Communication Bus (+) open

U0013 medium speed CAN Communication Bus (+) low

U0014 medium speed CAN Communication Bus (+) high

U0015 medium speed CAN Communication bus (-) open

U0016 medium speed CAN Communication bus (-) low

U0017 medium speed CAN Communication bus (-) high

U0018 medium speed CAN Communication bus (-) closed on a bus (+)

U0019 low speed CAN Communication bus

u0020 low speed CAN Communication bus Performance

U0021 low speed CAN Communication Bus (+) open

U0022 low-speed CAN Communication Bus (+) low

U0023 low speed CAN communication bus (+) high

U0024 low-speed CAN Communication bus (-) open

U0025 low-speed CAN Communication bus (-) low

u0026 low speed CAN Communication bus (-) high

u0027 low-speed CAN Communication bus (-) closed on busbars (+)

Bus communication U0028

U0029 bus communication bus Performance

bus communication (+) open communication

vehicle U0031 Communication bus (+) low

U0032 bus communication bus (+) high

U0033 bus communication (-) is open

U0034 Vehicle Communication bus (-) low

U0035 bus communication (-) high

U0036 bus communications (-) buses are closed by bus (+)

U0037 bus communication bus B

U0038 bus communication bus B performance

u0039 bus communication bus B (+) open

U0040 bus communication B (+) low

bus B (+) communication bus connection

U0042 bus B (-) bus connection is open

U0043 bus B (-) bus connection low

U0044 bus B (-) high communication

U0045 bus communication bus (-) is closed by bus (+)

U0046 communication bus C

U0047 bus communication C Performance

C (+) bus vehicle communication openings U0048

u0049 Car Bus connection C (+) low

C (+) bus vehicle communication high communication U0050

U0051 The communication bus C (-) is open

Bus C (-) low communication U0052

Bus C (-) High communication bus connection U0053

u0054 bus C (-) bus connection is closed on the bus (+)

Explained DTC: P0446 Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Malfunction

Explained DTC: P0446 Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Malfunction

U0055 bus communication D

U0056 bus communication bus D Performance

U0057 bus communication D (+) is open

U0058 bus communication D (+) low bus

Bus communication D (+) high

U0060 bus communication D (-) is open

U0061 bus communication D (-) low

U0062 bus communication D (-) high

U0063 bus communication bus D (-) is closed by bus (+)

U0064 bus communication bus E

U0065 bus communication bus E Performance

U0066 bus communication E (+) bus is open

U0067 bus communication bus E (+) low

U0068 vehicle communication Bus E (+) high

bus communication bus E (-) is open

U0070 bus communication E (-) low

U0071 bus communication E (-) high

U0072 bus communication bus E (-) is closed by bus (+)

Control module U0073 Communication bus disconnection

U0100 Lost Communication with ECM / PCM

U0101 Lost Communication with TCM

U0102 Lost Communication with Transfer Box Control Module

U0103 Lost Communication with Shift Module

U0104 Lost Communication with Cruise Control Module

U0105 Lost Communication with Fuel Injector Control Module

U0192 Lost connection with Television

U0197 Lost Communication with Phone Control Module

U0198 Lost Communication with the control module Telematic

U0222 Lost Communication With Window Motor Of Door

U0235 Lost communications with cruise control of the front Range of distances Sensor

U0301 software incompatibility with ECM / PCM

U0302 software incompatibility with TCM (Transmission Control Module)

U0303 software incompatibility with transfer case control module

U0321 software incompatibility with the ground clearance control module

U0326 incompatibility software with car immobilizer control module

U0327 incompatibility software with car security management module

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