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Explained DTC: P0446 Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Malfunction

When you or your mechanic hook up a diagnostic scanning tool to;
Your vehicle’s power control module,
It will provide a specific troubleshooting code on its screen. This troubleshooting code will indicate precisely what the problem is with the vehicle.
Most car owners will not understand this code,
So, they will need to refer to their owner’s manual to find out the definition.
But if you go to a mechanic,
They will automatically know what it is and then fix the problem for you.

Explained DTC: P0446

If your trouble code is “p0446,” this will indicate that you have a problem with your
Evaporative emission control system’s vent control circuit.
Every vehicle has an evaporative emission control system to stop gas vapour from
Getting out of the fuel tank and entering the outside environment. The vent control circuit of this system is what keeps the vapors inside the tank.
If the circuit were to malfunction or wear out,
It will cause the p0446 trouble code to arise.

When the problem with the vent control circuit first occurs,
It will cause the Check Engine light to come on. You may not understand what the problem is
Until you have the diagnostic scanning tool figure it out for you.
Since the engine control unit manages the vent control circuit,
Any problem with the circuit will be detected as a problem by the engine control unit.

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Other Causes of P0446

In most situations,
A trouble code p0446 will mean that the vent control circuit of the evaporative
An emission control system is malfunctioning. However, it could also mean there is something
Else wrong with the evaporative emission control system too. Below are the 3 main causes of p0446 that you should be aware of.

1) Gas Tank Leak

A leaky gas tank certainly causes more than just gas vapors from getting out of the tank. It causes the gas to come out as well. Because of this, the system will give you the p0446 code.

2) Damaged Gas Cap

If the cap to your gas tank is damaged or has any holes in it,
Then gas vapors can get through. This causes the p0446 trouble code to come up.

3) Bad Charcoal Canister

The charcoal canister is a component which absorbs gas vapors and
Prevents them from leaving the fuel system. If you have a damaged charcoal canister, the vapors will then leave the system. Then you can expect p0446 to come up.

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