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Knowing The Difference Between Car Tire Rotation Vs Alignment

People often confuse between car tire rotation vs alignment. The idea of wheel balancing is shadowy to them from the very beginning. When you have a lack of understanding,
It may result in severe damage to your vehicle. This article shows light on the basic difference.

Difference Between Tire Rotation Vs Alignment – The Answer

One problem every automobile faces is tire wear. The car uses around the tire to transfer force from engine to road which enables a vehicle to move. Besides wheel has an essential important role orientation. So it’s necessary to maintain a car’s tire. This article will help you have a quick look at the difference between car tire rotation and alignment.

Car Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is the process of exchange their positions,
Rear tire to the front or vice versa for example. There are many tire rotation patterns we can apply for different styles of cars. These patterns are based on your tire kind – direction;
Or non-direction, your car engine – front-wheel, rear-wheel or 4-wheel drive.

Tire Rotation Diagram

The reason why we have to exchange tire positions is uneven wear. For instance, a car with an engine located in the front will cause different pressure between front and rear wheels. In long-term, front tires wear out faster than rear ones. As a result, our car could not have the best performance while driving. So that’s tire rotation, what about wheel alignment? Move on to differentiate wheel alignment vs tire rotation.

Car Wheel Alignment

On the other side of the wheel balancing segment,
Wheel alignment dictates how the wheels line up with the steering wheel. This is the basic difference of tire rotation vs alignment. We can realize its significance when a car,
Instead of moving straight, change lane from right to left and vice versa. Three main reasons causing irregular wear on tires are the wrong angle of Camber, Toe, and Caster. You need to maintain the proper alignment while driving, or else,
It will damage your car, and result in a premature wheel replacement.

Wheel alignment.


Perhaps the biggest contrast of tire rotation vs alignment is that tire rotation must be done after a definite time. The common recommendation is about 5 thousand miles to 8 thousand miles. The exact time is dependent on the manufacturer of the tire and car. With some producers,
They don’t even require rotating tires because they make a special design for the car
Which has different tire sizes between front and rear.

A wheel alignment is not necessary unless your auto shows all or;
Some warning signs of being out of line. The other major difference is that lack of rotation won’t do that much damage to your car,
As it happens when the wheel alignment is not appropriate.

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