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Summer TIPS & TRICKS to protect your car tires

Summer TIPS & TRICKS to protect your car tires

Taking care of the car has never been easy especially its tires and that too in summers. 

Tires are only part of vehicles that makes contact with the road facing more beat and thus wear out quicker than other parts of the car. 

We will be telling you guys how to protect the tires in summer with just a few basic tips and tricks.

So, without further delay, the following are the tips for the protection of tires in summer.

Wash the tires:

Always remember to wash your tires on an almost regular basis and coat them with any good protective fluid.

So that it can repel the harmful rays which accelerate the wear of tires. 

Use the tire gloss spray on the tires to not only protect them but also give them a nice shine.

Park the car under a shade: 

The most important and basic technique to protect the tires in summer is to park the car under a shade,

Never park the car under direct sunlight – not only the tires but also the exterior and the interior of the car will receive damage. 

Use a good quality car cover in case there is no shade.

Inflate the tires properly: 

Manufacturers recommend a different tire pressure in summer, so remember to check the owner’s manual before inflating the tires. 

Over-inflation as well as under-inflation cause great damage to the tires. 

Keep a handy air compressor in your car at all times. Also, regularly inspect the tires for possible signs of lumps, cracks, or wear.

Summer tires: 

It is recommended to use summer tires and rotate them so that they can wear evenly.

Overloading the vehicle: 

Don’t overload the vehicle in summer with extra weight as it would put more pressure on tires 

Meaning the heavier the car, the more friction it will create which in a result will wear the tires quickly. 

Weak tires will give up in extreme conditions under load which is quite dangerous. 

Get yourself a proper tire pressure monitoring system to keep an eye on the falling air pressure.

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