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Nitrogen in Tires

Nitrogen in Tires

A fuel-efficient, eco-friendly alternative to compressed air.

Here’s how using Nitrogen in your tires can help you keep your car running newer, longer.

Tire Pressure

Because of its larger molecular size, nitrogen migrates through a tire three to four times slower than oxygen. 

A tire filled with compressed air will lose 1 in less than a month; with nitrogen, this could take three months or longer.

Fuel Economy

Proper tire pressure lessens rolling resistance and helps maintain optimum fuel economy between services.

Tire Life

Setting into your tire. It will also optimize your vehicle’s handling and ride characteristics.


For vehicles equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (), nitrogen provides for more consistent tire pressure, reducing the likelihood of alerts triggered solely by fluctuations in outside temperature.…and it’s better for the environment!


The optimal fuel economy you can maintain more easily with nitrogen will produce less air pollution and less greenhouse gas emissions.

Remember, just because your tires are filled with Nitrogen doesn’t mean you can’t top them off with regular air. 

It’s best to use Nitrogen in your tires whenever possible, but if you run into a situation where you can’t get it, go ahead and top off with air. 

Then when you get a chance, head back to the store that inflated your tires with nitrogen for a refill. 

It is recommended that you continue to check your tire pressure periodically.

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