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Common Problems of the Fuel Delivery System

Your vehicle needs three things to properly run Air, spark (electricity) and gas.

While all of these are necessary to get the motor fired up and keep it running the gas portion is what will likely give

You the most trouble should you find yourself with a car that is suffering from power struggles, No start issues or stalling.

There are a few things that could go wrong with the fuel delivery system.

Let’s take a closer look.

Clogged Fuel Filter

One of the simplest issues that could prevent gas from Properly being delivered to the engine is a clogged fuel filter.

This little item is generally found in the fuel line between the gas tank and the fuel injectors.

It is designed to remove tiny particles that may be in the gasoline as well as excess water.

If it becomes clogged the gasoline won’t be able to pass through it Thus, causing numerous operability problems.

Changing this filter is a general part of auto maintenance.

Check your manual to see how often this filter should be replaced.

Failed Fuel Pump

In most modern vehicles the fuel pump is located inside the gas tank Which makes it tricky to remove.

If it is diagnosed that the fuel pump has failed it will need to be replaced by a qualified mechanic.

A general sign that the pump has gone out or is failing is if there is elongated cranking before starting or if the vehicle simply won’t start.

Fuel Injector Issues

Another part that could cause no-start problems or rough idles is the fuel injectors.

There are a few problems that they could cause, including the following.

Clogged Injectors: If the fuel pump fails to do its part in the whole or after many miles of driving, the fuel injectors may become gummed up.

This would prevent them from being able to squirt fuel into the combustion chamber as designed Resulting in poor fuel flow.

Leaking Fuel Injectors: A leaky fuel injector can cause a vehicle to run rich, meaning it will burn too much gasoline.

This can result in numerous problems for the engine.

If this is happening your vehicle will likely produce large amounts of black exhaust.

Anytime your vehicle is giving you trouble starting or just isn’t running right don’t hesitate to get to an auto repair shop that can perform diagnostics before the issue gets worse.

For quality fuel system or fuel pump repair in Gonzales’s head to All Tune and Lube.

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