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Engine Water Pump Construction

Engine Water Pump Construction
Engine Water Pump Construction

The car’s water pump is creating forced cooling fluid circulation in the cooling system of the engine.
Some water pumps are structurally combined with fans and have a common drive. So the engine water pump is installed at the front end of the cylinder block.

The water pump housing consists of two parts:

One part of the housing is cast from iron and attach to another, which is made together with the cover of the block of distribution gears of aluminum alloy.

The water fan hub and the pump shaft rotate on two ball bearings installs into the housing. Special spacer sleeve and snap rings keep ball bearings from shifting

Seals are used for retaining lubricant and for protection against contamination.

Engine Water Pump Construction
Engine Water Pump Construction

Engine Water Pump Construction

1 – fan and pulley hub
2 – shaft
3 – housing
Inspection hole for the release of lubricant from the housing.
5 – lubricator
6 – water pump impeller
7 – a control aperture for an exit of a cooling liquid at stuffing box leak
8 – spring
9 and 10 – stuffing box clips
11 – stuffing box cuff
12 – stuffing box washer
13 – stuffing box locking ring
14 – ball bearings.

A fan hub and a generator pulley and a pump pulley are press on at one end of the shaft.

The hub is protecting against axial displacement with a toothed nut and a washer, which is neatly split. The water pump impeller 6 is installed on the second shaft end.

The impeller of the water pump is kept from displacement by the bolt and washer.

The shaft in the housing is sealing with self-locking stuffing boxes consisting of a graphitized-textolite washer, rubber sleeve, so two cages (9) and (10) [stuffing box clips], and a spring.

A spring presses the washer through a rubber sleeve to the plane of the housing, which prevents fluid from escaping from the pump.

In addition, if there is a malfunction in the self-locking stuffing box, fluid will leak through the control hole. You have to remove the pump in this case and repair it.

Water pump drive

The drive of the water pump and fan is carried out from the crankshaft pulley using a V-belt drive (consisting of one belt). The belt covers the pulley of the fan and water pump, also the pulley of the crankshaft pulley and the tension roller.

The fan pulley is double-rack. The second belt from the fan pulley is thrown onto the generator pulley.

The belt tension of the water pump should not be very weak or very tight, for normal operation. Therefore, by the movement of the tension roller, the tension in the belt of the water pump is regulated.

Also with proper belt tension, the deflection under the action of a force of 40 Nm in the middle of the branch should be 10-15 mm.

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