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Guy Makes A Huge Paper Airplane And Throws It Off A Huge Mountain

A fun game in childhood was to throw paper planes on your friends and in the classroom, but it drops just in a few seconds.
Alas! The wish to let it fly in the air for the long run was never satisfied this way.

But behold, a new, bigger and better version of the same plane has launched and
Successfully executed in the air for the first time by a You-tuber Nick Uhas.
That’s right, being him to be the first one in this venture is described
By the fact that he has been able to do it the right way. Have you heard of his words in the video?

Doesn’t it seem exciting and satisfying on watching a huge sized plane
Moving through the mountains in the air?
It incites and revives the inner child in an adult to move ahead and do the same. Make another paper plane and there it goes in the air. That’s what Nick has done on the go.

Nick Uhas was amazed by this idea of a huge paper plane
When he saw it on TikTok and then initiated his research on
By watching more relevant videos on Youtube.
By critically noticing the design and making a few changes,
He managed to develop a new and improved design of the paper plane.
I saw a video on TikTok of a huge paper airplane and thought it was awesome,
So, I went on YouTube and saw some other videos of people making these giant foam paper airplanes.

”While flat wings do create lift, the force keeping the plane in the air,
Having wings that are more in an airfoil shape is much more optimal for increasing glide distance
(Which is what we’re going for).
There are a ton of physics for creating the perfect wing shape
But today I wanted to take a stab at redesigning the giant foam ”paper airplane” with a little added airfoil shape and see how it fairs being thrown off a huge mountain peak!”

So did you watch the video? Did you express your feelings of joy and contentment with the moving plane? Would you like to step forward and make one of your own?

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