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How Often To Change Air Filter In Car? The Answer

How Often To Change Air Filter In Car? The Answer

An automobile is a great collection of several world-class technologies blended with powerful minds. A vehicle engine comprises numerous small components,
That offers the required amount of acceleration and sound for a better driving experience.

One of the main elements in an engine is Air Filter that averts dust and dirt from entering inside. The chief principle of the air filter is to keep the engine away from dust or
Any type of pollutions. The dirt particles can damage the insides of the engine surface,
And reduce the lifespan as well. Here, the question that “how often to change the air filter in car?” arises.

So, let us find the answer to that question here

How Often To Change Air Filter In Car? The Answer

Replacing the dirty air filters with the fresher ones would be the best choice.
This is because the particles damage the engine cylinder walls and piston rings.
The effects can injure the engine and reduce the compression of the cylinder.
Cleaner air is imperative for the fuels to provide sufficient force and
Power to the engine. It blocks the entrance of impurities inside the engine and
Gives a steady flow.


When the air filter is worn out, it needs to be changed. Some car manufacturing companies
Offer the time interval of 20,000 to 25,000 miles (ca. 40,234 km) to change the engine air filter.

Let us gain some more knowledge about the replacement of the air filter

1. Time Interval

Changing the air filter is not as sturdy as it may sound. One can finish this simple task in no time. However, replacing the polluted air filter after a certain time interval will provide
Adequate power and force required by the engine. One can replace the air filter after 10,000-15,000 miles (ca. -24,140 km) or once a year.

This is because a polluted air filter will allow the dust particles to pass through it and,
This process can cause a lot of dilemmas later on. So, do you have the answer for how often to change the air filter in car yet? If not, let us find more on it.

Find out how often to change the air filter by car.

2. Lack Of Acceleration & Power.

Whenever you experience the deficiency of force and power while accelerating,
It is the right time to get your loving car a service. Going through expert maintenance tips might assist to replace the air filter by self.

3. Smoke From The Engine.

A polluted air filter may result in black and thick smoke coming from the engine.
If you come across smoke coming from the tailpipe,
Then air filter change is perhaps the best solution.

4. Over Consumption Of Fuel.

An engine with a dirty air filter might consume more fuel than before.
If the fuel level drops in no time then this is the appropriate signal to,
Replace the polluted air filter with the newer one.

All about how often to change the air filter by car.

Final Words

That’s all! These were some reasons that call for air filter replacement.

I hope you have the answer to how often to change the air filter in a car now.

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