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How To Do Automatic Transmission Service Yourself?

There are several aspects when it comes to car maintenance. One of these aspects is the transmission service. Transmission is the primary part of any vehicle,
And that should be handled carefully. Taking a professional can be the best way out of servicing it. However, being a DIYer and having somewhat experience with
Handling car’s technicalities,
One can maintain the transmission himself. Let’s head to how you can perform an automatic transmission service.

Automatic Transmission Service: The Step By Step Guide

Make sure you are confident enough about handling the servicing part yourself.
Else, it is always better to take your vehicle to a nearby repair shop and get the issue resolved.

1. Tools And Supplies Needed

On the way to automatic transmission service,
There are some accessories that you would need. Make sure you have the following:

  • Transmission fluid
  • Transmission filter service kit
  • Socket set
  • Fluid funnel
  • You can also wear gloves and some eye protection just in case.
You should keep a list of tools

2. Steps To Servicing The Transmission

Here is a step by step guide that you can read out and perform the same on servicing your transmission. These steps add up the easy ways to change the fluid of transmission.
So, it can perform well again.

The first step would be to locate the transmission and then the drain plug. Get the manual book of your vehicle if you are getting dubious about finding the cap. Once you have found the drain plug, get some container and drain out the old fuel in it. Loosen the drain plug and the fluid will be out in no time. When the fluid is drained out,
Inspect it to find any metal while cleaning the magnet that blocks any metal from entering in.

Take all the debris and metal off the magnet;
You can now reinstall the drain plug and tighten all the screws. This way, you can easily learn how to service automatic transmission,
And practicing can make you repair it like a pro. Now that we are done with emptying the tube and so it is time to fill it up with fresh fluid. Locate the fill tube and use a funnel to refill the fluid. Use the dipstick to make sure you fill it to the recommended level. You are now done with filling the transmission tube,
And you can start your car with no transmission issues.

3. Replacing The Transmission Filter

Automatic transmissions feature a filter from entering the fluid to trap the
Debris and other foreign material. Sometimes, if it wears out, the guilty can be the filter,
Which means it no longer blocks the debris.

In this case, replacing the filter with a new one is the only solution to
Save transmission’s fluid from changing repeatedly.

Once you eradicate the fluid, a plastic mesh-like thing comes visible.
Get to the filter and take it out;
Remove any clips holding it before grabbing the filter off. There can be bolts as well that you need to remove to take the filter out of place. The task is a part of the transmission service for a car in case the filter is the issue along with changing the fluid. Install the new plastic mesh and tighten the bolts and you are done.

Identifying A Problematic Automatic Transmission

Having the transmission to service by yourself is possible;
But knowing that the issue lies with the transmission is essential too. Here are some signs that you can observe and determine,
If it is the transmission that is malfunctioning.

Self-service is sure to need some knowledge

1. The Grinding Sound

While driving if you hear a grinding like sound,
It can be a transmission failure. The problem occurs when you try to change the gears, and the clutch fails to function. While being in gear, if you hear the noise,
The presence of metal in the gears of the transmission may be the cause. In this case,
You can try double clutch shifting to keep it from any further damage. Read more on taking care of your car’s transmission here Maintenance Tips.

2. The Rough Shifting

An automatic transmission without any issues lets you shift from gear to gear smoothly. While a transmission having some problem does the opposite.
Feeling some obstruction, like something is stuck in between while changing the gear;
It can be a sign that your transmission needs service.

If the transmission is not smooth, your car needs to be serviced

The Verdict

The transmission fluid can be a way to determine;
If there is a problem with the transmission fluid and if it needs to be changed.
The color of the fluid usually remains red or dark red,
And if it is lighter in the shade such as pink,
Then it indicates the presence of water. It is a sign that you may proceed with the
DIY automatic transmission service or take it to the repair shop at the earliest.

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