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How to Set Gaps in Spark Plugs

How to Set Gaps in Spark Plugs
How to Set Gaps in Spark Plugs

Most basic and integral tasks of vehicle maintenance are changing or replacing a set of spark plugs.

Most basic and integral vehicle maintenance tasks are the modification or replacement of a set of spark plugs.

However, removing the old plug for installing the new plug is just half of the work done.

For ensuring a better vehicle performance, one should know how to set gaps in the spark plugs.

Here’s an easy guide to set gaps between spark plugs. Follow the directions.

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Things Needed

  • Spark plug
  • Spark plug gap gauge or gapping tool


In the process of knowing how to set gaps in the spark plugs, 

You must always remember to work on one spark plug at a time.

It is almost impossible to work on more than one spark plug at a time. 

Working in this way can help you understand the spark plug firing sequence and minimize confusion.

You have to check the gap between the tip and the hook by comparing it with the information that you have available.

After this, the new spark can be reinstalled in its proper place. 

This process has to be repeated with the remaining spark plugs and you will be able to gap all of them.

It is possible that you have never gapped the spark plugs with a better reason. 

This is not usually required unless the car does not contain a manufacturer specified engine or the engine was modified. 

The generic spark plugs are already gapped for ensuring the finest performance. 

If the engine does not start or experience regular cold starts, then this is the possible reason to gap the spark plugs in unmodified vehicles. 

It is very easy to set the gap on the spark plug.

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