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How Train stop when we pull the emergency brake chain? What kind of break system used by train?

How Train stop when we pull the emergency brake chain? What kind of break system used by train?

We always have a common question about the emergency train brakes. We often want to pull that chain but did not because of the railway penalties. But we always want to know how this chain work. Well, today we will discuss it.

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This chain is available in the locomotive trains wagon,
Available for the passengers’ emergency service. We can immediately stop the train no matter where it is by pulling this chain. Note it is only for the emergency purpose because a train can lose its balance when we apply this instant brake.

How an emergency Brake work while the train is running?

We know locomotive train uses a pneumatic brake system;
Which is also known as an air brake system. The alarm chains that are present in the passenger bogies are connected directly to the main brake pipe of a train. Ta constant air pressure is maintained by this brake pipe helping the train move smoothly. When we pull the brake chain, the air stored in the brake pipe escapes. This drop-in air pressure leads to the slowing down of the train. The driver of the train instantly notices this movement of the train. So he also applies the brake to give constant air pressure.

The atmospheric air is compressed is up to 10 kg/cm2 and supplied at a pressure of 6/5 kg/cm2 to the train. During the break, the pressure in the 5 kg pipe (the brake pipe) escape
And this causes the air to enter the brake cylinders which push a piston.

Go Pro For More HighlightsThis is carried by 2 pipes along the whole length of the train in which one is braking pipe one is feed pipe

What is the penalty for pulling the Brake chain without any reason?

It is a punishable offense under Section 141 of the Indian Railways Act. On being proven guilty the person shall be punishable with one-year imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1000.

Why this is a punishable offense?

Pulling off the chain sudden discharge air pressure. At the low speed of the train, this cannot create a great problem. But the train runs at the speed of 130 km/h,
It loses its balance because it runs on a narrow track with lots of wagons carried by a single-engine.

How do railway authorities get to know who pulled the chain?

When we pull the emergency chain the RPF personnel take no time to reach the coach. They get to know by the emergency flashers fitted with alarm on train coaches;
A light also starts blinking and buzzing
At the pilot control room until Assistant Driver and RPF personnel reach the location of the chain. They will also reset the chain at its original position. Once the chain is reset,
The air pressure gradually comes back to normal and the train is ready to depart.

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