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Hybrid Flying Train/Plane Carrying 2,000 Passengers Concept

The Turkish architecture firm named;
Dahir Insaat has designed a concept for a flying train,
that would serve as a form of mass transportation.
The multi-level flying train could carry up to 2,000 passengers and
Would fly at a low level while drawing power from a tether attached to the track.

source/image(PrtSc): Dahir Insaat

The electricity needed to propel the flying train would be
Fed through a moving tether linked to an electrified rail that
Runs on the ground from station to station.
This hybrid train and plane are good because of several factors:
The first remaining attached to the current collector in a steel trestle.

We will always have enough power to make any maneuver,
High-torque motors would do wonders of acceleration at their full power,
Aviation now expects 7-kilowatt electric motors from producers with the
Capacity per kilogram of the motor’s own weight.

Even though passengers transport would not require that much power,
It is at an advantage to have a power reserve that is always with you and
It doesn’t burden you (as it is beneath you). The gravity of the aircraft (the ratio of the
Thrust of the aircraft’s powerplant to its weight ) is one of the most important
Parameters that determine the aircraft’s flying characteristics…via
Credit – Dahir Insaat

The maximum speed of the aircraft, the climb time (climbing speed)
And acceleration to the specified speed,
As well as its maneuverability depends on the thrust.
When flying, when we can consume an almost unlimited amount of energy
(At least a few megawatts) through the current collector,
The apparatus can have a very high carrying capacity,
And the figures for 1000-2000 passengers are not fictional.
The speed of 500 km / h can be the usual cruising speed throughout the
Entire flight from station to station.

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