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Identifying Hydraulic Cylinders on your Backhoe

Main Backhoe Cylinders

Loader Bucket Tilt

Also called bucket dump or curl cylinders, the loader bucket tilt changes the angle of the bucket, or tilts it, up and down.

Loader Bucket Lift

The loader lift cylinders move the bucket up and down and are usually fixed on one side to the lift arm and the other to the tractor.

Backhoe Stabilizer/Outrigger

These cylinders fold the Stabilizers, or Outriggers, out to land on the ground and provide support for the tractor while the backhoe is being operated.

Backhoe Swing

The Swing cylinders are found at the base of the backhoe’s boom and allow the operator to swing the entire backhoe boom either left or right.

Backhoe Boom

Backhoes have either 1 or 2 of the boom cylinders and their main function is to angle the boom section of the backhoe in or out. On some older backhoes, the boom cylinder is inside the boom itself.

Backhoe Dipper

The Dipper cylinder (also called the Arm, Crowd, or Stick) is attached on one end to the boom and the other to the dipper (Arm, Crowd, or Stick) and articulates the dipper in and out.

Backhoe Bucket

The Bucket cylinder is attached on one side to the dipper and the other to the bucket linkage or coupler. Its main function is to curl the backhoe bucket in and out.

Other Cylinders

Dipper Extension Cylinder

If your backhoe is equipped with an extendable dipper the dipper extension cylinder is usually inside of the dipper

Loader Clam, Grapple, 4-in-1, & Multipurpose Bucket cylinders

These cylinders are only on backhoes with special function buckets such as a clam bucket or a grapple bucket.

Loader Hydra-Leveling Cylinders

Some older style Case backhoes have a separate cylinder that operates the hydra-leveling function. It is usually found near the lift cylinder but does not provide the main lifting force.

Coupler Cylinder

A hydraulic coupler is installed at the end of the dipper to allow the operator to quickly change between backhoe bucket attachments. If your machine is equipped with one it can be found at the end of the dipper connecting it to the backhoe bucket.

3 Point Hitch Cylinders

Some older Case backhoes use a 3 point hitch to attach backhoe attachments. On each there is are lift, tilt, and pitch cylinders.

Steering Cylinders

Steering cylinders are part of the power steering system and are found underneath the tractor on the front axle

Thumb Cylinder

The Thumb attaches to the backhoe bucket and allows the operator to grab things with the backhoe bucket. If your machine is equipped with a thumb the cylinder can be found attached to the thumb.

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