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Meet The World’s Smallest Violin

Many of us love violin whether we talk about
Playing it or hearing its music. Let us introduce you to the smallest violin in the world
That is, in fact, a comedy gag. Rub your fingers over it,
And it will generate sarcastically sad violin music.

This is a new technology by Google that lets you play violin with
Your fingertips instead of the violin stick.
The design I/O and the coding has resulted in a
Program that produces sad violin sound whenever it detects the motion of rubbing fingertips over its sensor pad. See the video below!

This program by Google is an extension of Project Soli,
A small radar-based sensor that can register movements almost accurately.
This is the technology that lets the device detect only the motion of
Two fingers rubbing together to trigger slow violin music.
This isn’t exactly a miniature violin,
But it seems and sounds like one though.

It’s only setback, for now, is that you cannot take it with you
Anywhere because it needs a power connection to work. Smart engineers who can teach a sensor to detect precisely
Movements might also make it possible to take this device anywhere.

A fancy wearable, perhaps? What do you say?

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