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New 500MP Chinese Camera Can Identify A Face From Thousands In An Instant

China is busy aggressively pursuing facial recognition technology. As of right now, it is being used not only for the identification of criminals but also for the sake of monitoring students. In fact, people are also able to make payments using facial recognition.
It is being touted as the camera that can locate a ‘particular target in an instant.

The latest 500-megapixel resolution camera system is about five times more detailed as opposed to the 120 million pixel resolution of the human eye. The camera can be used for taking a panoramic photograph of a stadium that houses tens of thousands, and it will provide you with an insanely detailed image of ever human’s face that is not obscured and present in the crowd.

Changchun is the capital of Northeast China’s Jilin Province. The pictures that are captured by this camera can be integrated with AI, facial recognition, real-time monitoring, and cloud computing technology for working as a surveillance solution that is compelling, to say the least. This means that particular targets can be located almost instantaneously.

Zeng Xiaoyang, one of the scientists on the research team, said that the police would be utilizing the system in the center of Shanghai for the sake of monitoring crowds, locating criminals, and preventing accidents from happening.

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