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NGK Vs Denso – Which Spark Plug Is The Better Choice?

NGK Vs Denso – Which Spark Plug Is The Better Choice?

Spark plugs have a crucial role to play in the mechanism of an automotive system.

A car needs good-quality and fully-functioning plugs for running the engine.

There are several models of spark plugs on the market.
Two popular models are NGK and Denso and they work extremely well with all types of vehicles.

But, which one will have the edge in an NGK vs Denso comparison?

NGK vs Denso: What Type of Spark Plugs Are They?

Before diving deep into the discussion of NGK vs Denso, you should know their type and specific features to see if they fit your need.

Both types are iridium spark plugs. The metal is much less conductive than copper but lasts longer and works at a low temperature. It is also 4-5 times costlier than platinum.

Both are iridium spark plugs and have a long lifespan

Iridium spark plugs aren’t the strongest in terms of performance but nothing can beat their longevity.

When a copper plug lasts for around 20,000 miles, the average lifespan of an iridium plug is 40,000 – 60,000 miles.

On the other hand, they are also a better option than platinum plugs in terms of consistency and longevity. Unlike the platinum models, they are stable, don’t grow gap over time, and don’t create extra stress on the ignition system.

They also need less maintenance as checking their condition every 3 to 6 months is enough.

In a word, iridium spark plugs last longer than other types and their performance is better than the platinum units.

Denso vs NGK Plug: Which One Is Better?

It is difficult to rule out a winner in the Denso debate against NGK, as both are iridium spark plugs and offer almost similar performance.

Denso plugs are installed on almost every automobile model manufactured in Japan.

The iridium used in them has a superior hardness.

The electrode’s diameter in Denso plugs shrinks more than an NGK.

For this reason, Denso plugs do not last longer than NGK units, but they are better at producing powerful sparks.

NGK plugs are cheaper and lasts longer

On the other side, NGK plugs will be a standard replacement for their platinum alternatives.

They require less maintenance and provide a more stable and consistent performance than a Denso.


With the passage of time, spark plugs have been developed into a much more heavy-duty component. Both Denso and NGK plugs work well with all types of vehicles – from light cars to heavy-duty pickup trucks.

In this choice between NGK vs Denso, you will choose the first one if you care about the horsepower of your vehicle. It is only a fraction of a percent of the increase of power, though.

But, NGK should be your choice if want a long-lasting performance, stable at a lower cost.

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