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Opus Unveils First Off-Road Trailer With Massive Outdoor Kitchen | Innovation Discoveries

Opus’ First Hard-Sized Traditional Trailer With Pop-Top Roof

With a pop-top roof for a low-profile towing.

We all know Opus from its collaboration with Nissan. By using old Leaf batteries and installing them on Opus pop-up campervans (and integrating a 400-watt solar cell into the roof), the battery pack can go on for seven days without charging.

This time, however, Opus is out on its own and created its first off-road hard-sized trailer called OP 15′. This 15-foot (4.6-meter) long trailer is the first hard body type from the brand and biggest one yet, trumping over the previous OP 2 and OP 4 trailers – perfect for your next motorhome.

The Opus OP 15′ features a 300Watt solar energy system that’s connected to three 100-ampere-hour AGM batteries. Opus didn’t mention how many days you can go on without charging with this system, however.

Aside from its off-the-grid power system, the OP 15′ has a full off-roading capability. It has an articulating hitch that sits at the end of the galvanized steel chassis, plus the trailer has twin shock absorbers and trailing arm independent suspension for each wheel. The trailer also comes with a set of 265/75R/16 mud tires and an underbody anti-chip protection.


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