Parts of a Bicycle


A number of parts in a bicycle changes from one model to another.

Bicycle Parts of a bicycle are fitted by manufacturers for the type of function needed.

Below the bicycle diagram shows the labeling of bicycle parts.

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List of Bicycle parts:

  1. Top tube
  2. Down tube
  3. Seat tube
  4. Seat stay
  5. Chainstay
  6. Rear brakes
  7. Cogset
  8. Rear derailleur
  9. Front derailleurz
  10. Chain
  11. Chainrings
  12. Pedal
  13. Crank arm
  14. Spokes
  15. Hub
  16. Rim
  17. Tire
  18. Valve
  19. Handlebar grip
  20. Headtube
  21. Shock absorber
  22. Front brakes
  23. Fork
  24. Saddle
  25. Seat
  26. Seat post

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Saddle, seat, seat post is known as saddle area of a bicycle.

Top tube, seat tube, down tube, seat stay, chain stay together is called frame or body of a bicycle.

Handlebar grip, head tube, shock absorber, front brakes, fork together are called a front set of a cycle.

valve, tire, rim, hub, spokes are parts of a bicycle wheel.

Some bicycle has extra features like a carriage, bottle cage, front light, bell.

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