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Razer fits the Blade 15 with an optical mechanical keyboard | Innovation Discoveries

Bottom line: Razer has come up with the world’s first optical keyboard on a gaming laptop that uses light sensors instead of physical switches to instantly register key presses with a mechanical tactile click for a better typing and gaming experience. Currently, the tech can only be had in one configuration of the Blade 15 and is expected to feature on more models next year.

The tech uses an infrared light beam under the keys that have 1.7mm of travel but actuate at 1mm with 55g of force. It also comes with the tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboard for a better typing experience than traditional membrane keyboards.

The company says that because the laptop uses light instead of physical switches for registering inputs, strokes are registered instantly without delay resulting in zero debounce.They also feature N-Key Rollover with anti-ghosting for aiding hardcore gamers in their intense gaming sessions.

These can also be configured with pre-programmed designs and custom patterns available in the Chroma Workshop.

Razer is a company built on firsts, we focus on pushing the envelope to provide gamers with the best-in-class hardware,says Brad Wildes, Senior VP of Razer’s Systems Division.

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