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Symptoms of an Exhaust Leak

Symptoms of an Exhaust Leak

The purpose of the exhaust system is to reduce the emissions generated by your vehicle and make them less damaging before they are taken out of the tailpipe and transferred to the atmosphere.

If you have an exhaust that doesn’t function properly, the emission-toxic gasses will get inside your car and endanger everyone’s lives there.

These deadly gases are odorless and invisible so you don’t see them.

This may cause you to unwittingly inhale these deadly gases and even die.

That is why you want to learn to acknowledge the symptoms of a malfunctioning exhaust system then have it repaired as soon as possible.

Symptoms of an Exhaust Leak

Common Exhaust Leak Symptoms

Below five of the common symptoms of a leak in your exhaust system:

1. Noise That Gets Louder

When you start the engine and you hear an increasingly loud noise around the engine,

It is often a telltale symptom of an overflow gasket leak.

Remember that between the exhaust manifold and the engine block lies a gasket.

This gasket is consistently heated and cooled a bit like the piping.

So, if you don’t see a crack or leak coming from the piping, then check the gasket to ascertain if there’s a flaw there.

2. Vibrating Gas Pedal

The car can vibrate if there is even a tiny leak. But if the leak is big, Also, the vibrations would also be bigger.

The car can vibrate if there is even a tiny leak. But if the leak is big, Also, the vibrations would also be bigger.

First, you can notice those vibrations coming from the gas pedal.

If you don’t do something about it, the steering wheel can feel the vibrations. Finally, the floorboards will vibrate.

3. Bad Fuel Efficiency

If you find that your vehicle needs more gas than normal, then a leaky exhaust system may cause it.

Such leaks make your engine more difficult to operate which in effect reduces your fuel efficiency.

4. Unusual Noise When Accelerating

Place your foot on the gas pedal and look out for any noise that doesn’t sound appropriate. If you hear sounds like air escaping out or even whistling, then obviously you’re having a problem.

However, it’s hard for most people to inform the difference between different engine sounds, exhaust sounds, or maybe a vacuum hose leak.

Not only that, but strange engine noises might be due to other forms of engine problems also.

5. Unusual Odor

Not all exhaust fumes are odorless, only carbon monoxide. If you’ve got a leaky exhaust manifold, you’ll notice a really strong odor within the air.

If the odor persists, then it’s clearly harmful exhaust emissions that you simply don’t want to inhale for very long.

Therefore, take your vehicle to an auto repair asap and have them verify the matter then fix it.

Be sure to open the vehicle windows and run. Don’t take any chances with carbon monoxide gas because it is often lethal.

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