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The Oceanix City Project Is A Floating City Concept That Is Climate-Proof And Has The Support Of UN | Innovation Discoveries

Seawalls are one way of dealing with it so are the green technologies. We have taken into account that this must be a future-proof, a climate-proof city for the future. The company’s idea is called Oceanix City, and its illustrations show an enclave that has been built on floating concrete platforms. Each platform spans over five acres and has been moored to the seafloor in waters that are shallow.

Renewable power sources such as wind and solar are employed. Sewage and waste recycling systems along with desalination plants are also part of the plan to provide drinkable water. The city is capable of transforming organically and adapting over time. It can go from a neighborhood of 300 residents to a city of 10,000.

Bjarke Ingels Group of architects is designing the above-water structures. Oceanix is incorporated in Hong Kong and headed in New York by Collins Chen and is bringing the two expertise together. The Oceanix City concept has already got the backing of the United Nations. UN’s Human Settlements Program or UN-Habitat conducted a roundtable discussion on this idea as well.

Oceanix will be building a prototype of its floating platforms as part of the next phase of the project. Collins Chen said, ‘We should be able to build this within months, and not years.

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