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This Olympic Swimmer Run In The Emissions Of This Fuel Cell Car | Innovation Discoveries

What you are looking at is a fuel cell-powered SUV that only gives out water and 99.9% filtered oxygen. This is among the latest eco-friendly cars by Hyundai and is named Nexo. The Nexo uses hydrogen fuel cells for powering itself, and the company claims that it emits only water and oxygen.

In order to prove its claims, Hyundai España’s YouTube page uploaded a video showing the Olympic swimmer and brand ambassador Mireia Belmonte running in a bubble that was filled up using the emissions of the car.

This brings us to the next question; if the car is so environment-friendly, why has it not been publicized aggressively and is being prepared for sales? As it turns out, the progress of the Nexo is being hampered because of the lack of proper fuel cell infrastructure. We do strongly suggest that you do not attempt this at home.

Despite the fact that Hyundai claims that the Nexo only emits water and 99.9 percent filtered oxygen, the automaker still procured the services of the Spanish National Center on Hydrogen and a sports medicine center for making sure that the process of the video was safe.

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