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Types of 6 Stroke Engines

Single Piston models:

The Bajulaz 6 Stroke Engine:

It was invented in 1989 by Roger Bajulaz of the Bajulaz S. A Company in Geneva, Switzerland. It is similar to a conventional engine with 2 additional fixed capacity
Chambers in the cylinder head. One of the two fixed capacity chambers is a combustion
Chamber and the other is an air preheating chamber. The combustion chamber receives a charge of heated air from the cylinder and simultaneously fuel is injected into it.
Both air and fuel mix in the combustion chamber and is compressed and
Burnt to a high pressure. The high pressure gained is then sent to the cylinder to achieve the power stroke.

Meanwhile, the air pre-heating chamber heats the air to a high degree.
The chamber is in the surrounding of the cylinder wall,
So, the air is heated due to the combustion process inside the cylinder. The heated air is sent to the cylinder during the 5th stroke.

The fuel consumption can be reduced dramatically by up to 40% and also pollution is significantly reduced.

Velozeta 6 Stroke Engine:

In this type, the air is injected at the end of exhaust stroke (4th stroke)
So, that the air expands due to the heat in the chamber and provided a supplementary expansion stroke.
It is more of a gas scavenging process to clean up the combustion chamber completely before the next air-fuel intake stroke. This engine showed a 40% reduction in fuel
Consumption and was developed in the year 2005 by a team of
Mechanical engineering students from India; U Krishnaraj, Boby Sebastian,
Arun Nair and Aaron Joseph from the College of Engineering located in Trivandrum.

Dyer 6 Stroke Engine:

It was invented in 1915 and it uses water as the working fluid after exhaust stroke.
Water is injected into the combustion chamber after the exhaust stroke
Which is instantaneously converted into steam. The steam expands and forces the piston down from TDC to BDC to provide an additional power stroke. Later in 2006, Bruce Crower applied a patent for
An engine working on a similar principle.

NIYKADO 6 Stroke Engine:

This engine was designed and patented by
Chanayil Cleetus Anil of Kochi, India in 2012.
The model works on air injection at the end of the exhaust stroke and
It claims to be 23% more fuel-efficient than a conventional 4 stroke engine.

Opposed Piston Models:

Beare Head:

It was designed by Malcolm Beare of Australia. This design allows 2 opposing pistons to
Move-in a single combustion chamber. One piston is used for 4 stroke operation at the
Bottom end and the other opposing piston moves at half the rate of the 4 stroke piston. The opposing piston replaces the valve mechanism by
Opening and closing the inlet and exhaust ports. It claims to increase power by 9%.

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