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Understanding automotive electronics

Understanding automotive electronics

Essentially all automotive electrical systems are affected by the new electrical system voltage levels (the shift from 14-volt systems to 42-volt systems.)

As in all previous editions, this revision keeps Understanding Automotive Electronics up-to-date with technological advances in this rapidly evolving field.

This sixth edition of Understanding Automotive Electronics covers the most recent technological advances in operation and troubleshooting of electronic systems and components.

This is a practical text, suitable for the automotive technician, student or enthusiast.

It includes low-emission standards, on-board diagnostics and communications, digital instrumentation, and digital engine control.

In addition, the new edition explains new electronically controlled vehicle motion control systems including advanced suspension, electronically controlled electric power steering, 4-wheel steering and electronically controlled electric brakes.

The braking systems are part of an integrated motion control system that couples ABS brakes; traction control and variable vehicle dynamics for enhanced stability are also described.

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