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Volocopter’s New VoloDrone Is A Massive Cargo Drone That Can Carry 200 Kgs

Volocopter was not only busy working on its air taxis,
But also worked on a similar design to reach the utility drone market.

VoloDrone can be remote-controlled or set to pre-planned route in autonomous mode. However, instead of carrying the passengers,
The VoloDrone has been designed to fit different kinds of cargo and,
Equipment under its belly. Whether it is a box, an agricultural sprayer,
or disaster relief tools. The VoloDrone shares a variety of specs with the VoloCity. It is capable of carrying the same maximum payload of 200 kilograms and, it can achieve a similar top speed of 68 mph.

Volocopters New VoloDrone
The VoloDrone can,

However, fly for a distance of 40 kilometers more. It measures in at a width of 9.2 meters and a height of 2.3 meters. The VoloDrone takes up the same space as its air taxi counterpart. The VoloDrone is also charged by battery swapping,
This takes under five minutes only. Volocopter conducted the very first public demo flight recently in Marina Bay, Singapore. It lasted for only two minutes and was manned by an onboard pilot.

Volocopters New VoloDrone

The flight is indeed a long way from the startup days of the company. The company is now focused on playing the long game,
Where its air traffic control system will be taking legacy air transportation into account. Still, there is no word on when we will be able to see a VoloDrone in the skies above us. In regards to VoloDrone making it to the consumer market, the company has only said, ‘in the near future.’ On the other hand,
The VoloCity two-seater will be entering service in the next two to four years with Singapore ,
Most likely serving as the most probable candidate for the very first hub in South East Asia.

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