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Why Tractors Have Bigger Rear Wheels & Smaller Front Wheels?

Tractors are sturdy and powerful machines. People use tractors for farming and pulling heavy things. It has a super-powerful diesel engine to tow heavy loads with ease. A tractor engine converts heavy revolution force into pulling power.

That is why a tractor runs at a slow speed while pulling big and heavy loads. Tractors with two-wheel drive are perfect for farming and industrial purposes. The tractors have bigger rear wheels,
And smaller front wheels. Numerous factors make it beneficial for a better driving experience.

Let us find the reasons tractors have different size tires.

Why Tractors Have Bigger Rear Wheels and Smaller Front Wheels?

Tractors have a lot of work to do in the fields. Different sizes of tires help in making the right contact with the ground surface. A tractor can pull heavyweight without any trouble. The tires play an imperative role in the driving experience as well. Big and heavyweight can stuck into any surface. The two-wheel driving with big rear and small front wheels prevent the tractor from sinking. The manufacturer’s design tractors with
Rear-wheel drive to balance the weight and power. Rear wheels offer stability to the tractor as well.

The reasons tractors have different wheels are:

1. Grip-On The Ground.

Bigger tires are the reason that tractors work perfectly in muddy fields. The tractors have bigger rear wheels to avoid slipping on the mud surface. A car always slips on the muddy ground due to small tires. The reason behind it is grip that a tractor
Rear-wheel easily makes with the surface. Balancing the weight is much easier with broad tires.

Rear tires on a tractor cover the larger surface area to distribute the weight equally.
Heavy pulling load behind the tractor;
Also, produces great pressure on the rear wheels. It is necessary to increase the grip or traction with the ground. Bigger size rear wheels do the gripping job flawlessly.

Story About tractors have bigger rear wheels

2. Better Forward Visibility.

Small size wheels in the front provide a better view in the forward direction. It is much easier to see everything when the tires are not in your way. The driver seat is set at a higher position because of the bigger size rear wheels.
According to experts Maintenance Tips,
The driving seat at a higher elevation in the rear-wheel tractor makes farming easy. A driver can easily see the corners of the fields and roads.
It becomes easier to plough the land with better forward visibility.

3. Handling.

Smaller wheels at the front offer better handling feature to the tractor. One can easily turn through sharp corners in the field with small front wheels. Lesser radius makes it easy to handle the steering appropriately. Rear wheels have a connection with a drive shaft. It covers the maximum area while ploughing and harvesting. You can take sharper turns with small front wheels while driving on city roads as well.

Study About tractors have bigger rear wheels

The Final Thoughts.

There you have it! These are the tops reasons tractors have bigger rear wheels,
And smaller front wheels. Different size of wheels distributes the weight equally on all the tires.

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