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4 Common Symptoms of Automatic Transmission Problems

Cars with automatic transmission indeed have their fans for prospective customers,
Especially women who are married. The vehicle system is admittedly easier and more
Convenient for those who have mobility or more activity,
Especially road conditions more frequently jammed lately.

Several reasons it was enough to make the position of the car with a
The manual transmission system is becoming obsolete.
However, you also need to know that the
Automatic transmission is more susceptible to damage and require more
Complicated treatment when compared to a manual car. This is because the automatic
Transmission is usually already carried the electronic system,
Which is very much different from the manual transmission are
Still using the analog systems.

But you know,
In fact, a car that carries system automatic transmission can also durable,
If still guarded condition. How easy is to do regular maintenance and know the
Symptoms of which are often a marker if the automatic transmission car trouble,
One of the condition’s automatic transmission slipping symptoms.

There are several symptoms of damage to the automatic transmission,
Or have problems, so you can anticipate more damage, such as:

1. Jerk when moving the automatic transition

In general, the transition to the cars that use the automatic transmission system is
Already fairly modern and has a fairly smooth gearshift. If it still feels, still in the stage of a very tolerable. However, if during gear movement is felt discouraged early beat that
Feels compelled to make the car as suddenly,
Suspect that there is a problem in the system of your car with automatic transmission,
Then you are advised to immediately take him to the garage to be checked.

The damage could be a malfunction of electronic or mechanical systems. This can be detected using an existing OBD socket on the scanner engine. Usually, the damage that occurs due to leakage in solenoid pressure,
Causing the transmission oil could not maintain the gear shift, which is why the beat.

2. Vibration when the car is moving.

Possible when the car is moving and feel there is a common vibration is considered normal. However, if the vibration could be too intrusive in this case,
Because of a problem with the engine or the transmission.
Usually, vibrations also appear as
Canvas clutch on the car has started to wear or too charred. Thus canvas clutch is not smooth or flat and causes friction in the clutch sandpaper. That is why when you drive the car will feel shaking.

3. Difficult if want to move the gears.

If transmission damage already started getting worse,
Your symptoms will also increase. One example is the gear for backward difficulty for used. This is due to damage to the automatic transmission system of the car.

4. The gear lever is difficult or cannot be moved.

This condition can also occur if the switch of a car with
Automatic transmission has been damaged. This damage usually occurs when a new driver up the car realized,
If the position of the transmission is difficult to move or
Even cannot be moved at all. If the conditions of your vehicle like this,
You should bring it to a repair shop to be checked.

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