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A 3D-Printed Bus Shelter Just Went Into Service In China | Innovation Discoveries

The latest to join that list is a 3D-printed bus shelter. 3D printing is slowly making its way into the architectural industry as well and WinSun Construction has just revealed the world’s first 3D-printed bus shelter. The country lane in Fengjing Ancient Town, Jinshan, China, that only had a stop sign now has a bus shelter printed from recycled waste materials. It took only one night to print the shelter at the company’s Shanghai facility.

Some of the support struts on the rectangular structure have been left showing through whereas the majority of it is covered. There is seating at the center and plans to add a desk as well are in the pipeline. Using this method to make bus shelters might become a trend soon. If this catches on, it could become a huge source of comfort for everyone.

People visiting from other cities who do not know where the bus stops are will be guided by these. We will know in a couple of months if this was a one-time thing or does WinSun Construction plan to continue the practice.

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