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An Overview of Car Airbags

An Overview of Car Airbags

Car airbags are, one of the most effective protection measures

That helps to reduce the passenger effect of the accident.

Indeed, in both belted drivers with frontal airbags as well as SUVs fitted with side airbags, it has been recorded that fatalities have been reduced by up to a whopping 52 percent.

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Functioning of Airbags

Most cars have an airbag safety system, as well

The sensor is equipped to detect collision.

The sensor sends an electric signal to the airbag storage in case of a collision.

The signal reaches an igniter compound which heats up to result in the sodium azide decomposition present in the compartment.

Therefore, the heat allows the airbag to fill up with nitrogen.

All of this takes place in an extremely short time of 0.03 seconds, and within 0.05 seconds of the impact, the inflated airbag provides a barrier between the car’s occupants and the steering column/dashboard.

Advantages of Airbags

While it has been pointed out at the decrease in the rate of fatality due to the use of airbags, let us dig further into some of the other benefits they entail:

• Airbags have proven to be very effective in protecting against serious injuries to the neck or spine

• Airbags restrict the distance the passenger’s head hurls forward and therefore reduce the risk of injury to the head.

• It acts as a protective wall between the passenger and the wind window and the car’s windows, preventing passengers from exiting the car.

Limitations of Airbags

• While the installation of airbags has resulted in the ignition of petrol/diesel emissions in relatively few situations. This is the product of the igniter part explosion. This can result in injuries and severe burns.

• Airbag deployment is known to hit extremely high speeds of up to 200 mph, which can result in serious fractures or internal injuries as a consequence. It is especially so if the driver’s body is too close to the steering wheel.

• It is important that vehicles have both front and side airbags for the airbags to be truly effective.

Tips Pertaining to Airbags

• You do have to invest in a car with both front and side airbags.

• You should always use your seat belt, because when deployed on a belted passenger airbags tend to be more efficient.

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