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Are You Handy in the Garage? Take This Auto Shop Tools Quiz

About This Quiz

As far as trades go, mechanics aren’t as old as many of the other ones.
Carpenters have been around for thousands of years building furniture and
Homes out of wood, plumbers have a long history as well,
And Mesopotamians had clay water pipes in the year 4,000 BC! Even electricians have a couple of hundred years under their belts.
But auto mechanics only go back as far as automobiles,
And those aren’t very old, relatively speaking.

Despite the fact, the trade is young in the grand scheme of things,
They sure have developed a massive number of specialized tools and adapted other,
Older ones to the task at hand. Every job you can imagine has a tool to handle it,
From a magnet grabber to help you snag a screw that drifted away,
To the OBD2 scanner that will help you diagnose serious internal issues by
Interfacing with your car’s computer.

Before anyone can use all the tools in a shop, they need to know what they are and what they do. That’s what we’re here for right now! If you have a real auto shop expertise and think you can ID all the tools you’re going to run across in a garage, then take the quiz and show us what you’ve got!

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