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The Ultimate Automotive Physics Quiz

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The Ultimate Automotive Physics Quiz

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Don’t be intimidated by this quiz if you don’t can’t tell a carburetor from an alternator. Take it and learn a little something about what’s going on under the hood of your car.

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Almost all cars convert gasoline into motion with a _____-stroke combustion cycle.

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In a multi-cylinder car engine, what are the three ways in which the cylinders can be arranged?

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The “big three” engine problems are lack of spark, lack of compression and ________.

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Why do you need to keep proper oil levels in your car?

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What’s one component a gasoline engine has that a diesel engine doesn’t?

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What’s the system that opens and closes a car’s valves?

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What are the two components of a car’s cooling system?

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What engine component is absent in a fuel-injected car?

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The catalytic converter is part of which engine system?

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The three most important factors in car aerodynamics are drag, lift and __________.

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As an object accelerates, its velocity and drag …

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What happens when a car’s drag is equal to its weight?

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Car designers use this information to figure out a car’s drag coefficient. The lower the drag coefficient, the ___________ a car is.

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What’s the drag coefficient of most cars today?

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What’s the drag coefficient of most SUVs and pickup trucks?

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Decreasing a car’s drag coefficient by .01 can result in how much of an increase in fuel economy?

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What’s the drag coefficient of the Toyota Prius?

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In the 1930s, Chrysler introduced a car that made major improvements in aerodynamics. What was it called?

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Car designers used to use wind tunnels to test aerodynamics, but now they generally utilize _________.

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A typical Formula One racecar has a drag coefficient of .7 — so how does it go so fast?

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