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What is Multiple point fuel injection(MPFI)?

The MPFI is a system or method of injecting fuel into an internal combustion engine (IC)
Through multiple ports situated on the intake valve of each cylinder. It delivers an exact quantity of fuel in each cylinder at the right time. There are three types of MPFI systems – Batched, Simultaneous and Sequential.


In the batched MPFI system fuel is injected to the groups or
Batches of the cylinders without bringing their intake stroke together. In the simultaneous system,
Fuel is inserted to all cylinders at the same time,
While the sequential system injection is timed to overlap with intake stroke of each cylinder.

How does fuel injection system work?

MPFI includes a fuel pressure regulator, fuel injectors, cylinders,
Pressure spring and a control diaphragm.
It uses multiple individual injectors to insert fuel in each cylinder through
Intake port situated upstream of cylinder’s intake value. The fuel pressure regulator,
Connected to the fuel rail through an inlet and outlet,
Directs the flow of the fuel.
While the control diaphragm and pressure spring controls the
Outlet valve opening and the amount of fuel that can return.
The pressure in the intake manifold significantly
Changes with engine speed and load.

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Advantages of a multi-point fuel injection system?

  • The multi-point fuel injection technology improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicles. MPFI uses individual fuel injectors for each cylinder, thus there is no gas wastage over time. It reduces fuel consumption and makes the vehicle more efficient and economical.
  • The vehicles with MPFI automobile technology have lower carbon emissions than a few decades old vehicles. It reduces the emission of hazardous chemicals or smoke, released when fuel is burned. The more precise fuel delivery cleans the exhaust and produces less toxic byproducts. Therefore, the engine and the air remain cleaner.
  • MPFI system improves engine performance. It atomizes the air in a small tube instead of additional air intake and enhances the cylinder-to-cylinder fuel distribution that aid to the engine performance.
  • It encourages the distribution of a more uniform air-fuel mixture to each cylinder that reduces the power difference developed in an individual cylinder.
  • MPFI automobile technology improves the engine response during sudden acceleration and deceleration.
  • The MPFI engines vibrate less and don’t require to be cranked twice or thrice in cold weather.
  • It improves the functionality and durability of the engine components.
  • The MPFI system encourages effective fuel utilization and distribution.

Other benefits

  • Smooth operations and drivability
  • Reliability
  • Competent to accommodate alternative fuels
  • Easy engine tuning
  • Diagnostic capability
  • Initial and maintenance cost

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