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Your Car Is Losing Coolant But No Leak: What Should You Do?

Coolant, also known as radiator fluid and antifreeze,
is vital for the hydration of the cooling system and the vehicle.
Mechanical failures in the cooling system are one of;
The main reasons cars break down on the highways. Monitoring its level and condition is a part of the regular maintenance of the vehicle. Generally, there should be a leak
Somewhat if the vehicle is losing a high amount of antifreeze. However, a car could be losing coolant but no leak.
What should you do when coolant disappearing from the reservoir without leaving any trace?

Losing Coolant But No Leak: Where Is My Coolant Going?

It may sound ghostly if you think of coolant loss, no visible leak. But, things are not as complicated as they appear to be. A poorly maintained antifreeze system,
Defective components or a rapid change is the driving style that may contribute to this coolant disappearing.

These parts could be the culprit when the antifreeze level is sinking without any visible leak:

Overflown Coolant System

Overfilling the system could be the reason


Overfilling the system can be the reason for the mysterious disappearance. You have to keep the liquid at the required level. There’s a COLD/MIN label on the tank indicating the
Ideal antifreeze level when the engine is cold. The coolant in the radiator should be just below the filler neck.

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An Inside Puncture

When you are losing coolant but no leak is visible, several parts could be the guilty party. It could be a blown head gasket, a fractured cylinder head,
Damaged cylinder bores, or a manifold leak. It could also be a hydraulic lock.

If the antifreeze vanishes without any apparent reason, check these components for cracks, damage, or defects. Any of these issues can destroy the engine if it is going for too long. However, you may breathe easy if the mechanic does not find
Any trace of exhaust gases in the coolant. It means that the liquid has not reached the engine yet.

A Worn Out Radiator Cap

The radiator cap can deteriorate over time,
Letting antifreeze slip through when you are driving. A clogged radiator system could be a problem too as it blocks the flow of the liquid. Check the radiator when the coolant disappears without any trace.

Replace the worn-out radiator cap

Overheated Engine

Engine overheating and coolant are closely related to each other. Loss of the liquid can lead to the overheated condition but overheating can also contribute to the coolant loss.
Just fill-up the tank to the maximum limit and
Keep an eye on the engine condition and the rate of coolant usage.

Using a temperature gauge will tell you whether the engine is running hotter than usual or not. If this is the case,
Take the car to a mechanic to find out the causes of overheating. Solving the issue will bring back the normal cycle of coolant consumption.

Some other things that can cause the losing coolant but no leak are driving uphill, hauling heavy loads,
A faulty exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, and a worn-out water pump.

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